I let my sun to set I know it’s going to rise again, Getting my aspirations and motivation higher than ever.


I finally have my answer to what I want to be like. I want to be like the stars up high in the sky. For some reason I always have been fascinated by them. They constantly keep burning, away from all the chaos, and everything, even from the allies. They are all alone and far…

Tik Tok

I kept waiting Unaware of what Wait wasn’t for anything in particular But for something to happen Be it for good or bad It was only later That I realised It wasn’t the wait But the hope Which is still alive.


Hold onto my branches They won’t break, Until the roots are embedded.


Location : Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand (India) I dare to dream I call the mountains my home. The peace and serenity be my meal. I breathe in the crisp fresh air smelling of all the wonders I have done. I watch my failures for entertainment and laugh out aloud. Birds sing to me on the music…


Don’t be a mirror for others But the transparent glass That let people see The beautiful world Beyond them.

Magical lights

How these lights succeed in making us believe that everything will be magical one day.


The temperature is cold, So are the hearts. There’s sun For the temperature. Though Nothing For the hearts.

Tell me the truth

Mouths shut Eyes take the lead. No word play Just true emotions. Somewhere in deep conversation You blinked Breaking the connection Stealing the glances Was it a lot too take in? Or were you scared To spill the beans?


The moment of truth isn’t far But within you To bring it forth All you need is ACCEPTANCE.

May be

It all happens for a reason… May be we weren’t supposed to be together May be our team would have burned this world, or May be we could have burnt ourselves May be it didn’t mean anything May be you didn’t even exist May be you were everything May be it was just a dream…


The murkiness falls And so do you We don’t know Whose fall must be epic It is to be seen But let us hope The murk wins the race For it might save you From the collision Or the outburst that will prevail Yet Will you be all saved That you have already taken a…