Fort of Illusion

The walls are coming down Of your illusion To reveal your naked truth. You’ll now stand exposed To the people who love you And who hate you. Will they feel the same way, The verdict would soon be made. If people love you nonetheless Or hate you nonetheless Or they stand you betrayed By your…


Knock the door You said But failed to specify Which one In dilemma I knocked the one Which seemed unused for a while now Thinking I’ll get closer Fight with your hidden demons Free your soul to life Meanwhile I lost myself to your demons Frightened I called out to you Saw you chained with…


Who has your heart pretty Lady? I carry my heart with myself well locked in a box. Can we get a look? I don’t have the key, someone else has it and he lost it. We can get the key remaked! I wish we could.

Lost Inspiration

It has been months and I have not written even a single piece, not even a line or anything. Have I lost my heart or is it just lack of inspiration, I do not know about it. My inspiration doesn’t lie in some person or thing that is gets lost or forgotten. My inspiration has…


I let my sun to set I know it’s going to rise again, Getting my aspirations and motivation higher than ever.


I finally have my answer to what I want to be like. I want to be like the stars up high in the sky. For some reason I always have been fascinated by them. They constantly keep burning, away from all the chaos, and everything, even from the allies. They are all alone and far…

Tik Tok

I kept waiting Unaware of what Wait wasn’t for anything in particular But for something to happen Be it for good or bad It was only later That I realised It wasn’t the wait But the hope Which is still alive.


Hold onto my branches They won’t break, Until the roots are embedded.