Spark of my own

Draw the curtain  Switch off the lights  Blow off  the candles.  My eyes still have enough spark. 


Emotions have taken back seat somewhere, even the rear-view can’t see its reflection. 


There is still a lot  For you to understand.  But I haven’t got anything  To say anymore. 


Sometimes the dust In the eyes  Keeps you sane. 

Pretentious Love 

He said  How pretty my eyes are What he found pretty  Was the pain hidden in them

Help to Help

“They won’t understand.” “Well, it’s your task to make them understand.” “What if they don’t even want to hear what I have got to say?” All you can do for someone is help at most, in the end they have to do it for themselves, you cannot do things for another. You can bring water…

Happy ? 

People : ” Look, happiness is standing there with her.” Happiness : “From where did she find that con artist? “


I might attract dark, but what attracts me is nature. 


The castle was tightly sealed.  Few lived inside.  It was hard for them to leave.  But when they did it was for ever.  There was no door to get in, neither there were any windows.  Even the walls were steep and high.  Still the castle was beautiful as ever it would be, inside and out. 


Here we are  In a brand new room  With bright walls  And sunlight making the way in. 


Don’t be too fair that your nerves are visible enough for people to trace them.