Knock the door You said But failed to specify Which one In dilemma I knocked the one Which seemed unused for a while now Thinking I’ll get closer Fight with your hidden demons Free your soul to life Meanwhile I lost myself to your demons Frightened I called out to you Saw you chained with…


Who has your heart pretty Lady? I carry my heart with myself well locked in a box. Can we get a look? I don’t have the key, someone else has it and he lost it. We can get the key remaked! I wish we could.

Lost Inspiration

It has been months and I have not written even a single piece, not even a line or anything. Have I lost my heart or is it just lack of inspiration, I do not know about it. My inspiration doesn’t lie in some person or thing that is gets lost or forgotten. My inspiration has…


I let my sun to set I know it’s going to rise again, Getting my aspirations and motivation higher than ever.


I finally have my answer to what I want to be like. I want to be like the stars up high in the sky. For some reason I always have been fascinated by them. They constantly keep burning, away from all the chaos, and everything, even from the allies. They are all alone and far…

Tik Tok

I kept waiting Unaware of what Wait wasn’t for anything in particular But for something to happen Be it for good or bad It was only later That I realised It wasn’t the wait But the hope Which is still alive.


Hold onto my branches They won’t break, Until the roots are embedded.


Location : Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand (India) I dare to dream I call the mountains my home. The peace and serenity be my meal. I breathe in the crisp fresh air smelling of all the wonders I have done. I watch my failures for entertainment and laugh out aloud. Birds sing to me on the music…


Don’t be a mirror for others But the transparent glass That let people see The beautiful world Beyond them.