Heart’s racing, more than ever  Faster than ever.  Am not gonna calm it down.  The more you run, stronger you become.  Advertisements

Story in pictures – 2

Location : Nainital, Uttarakhand (India)  There is something about this picture that doesn’t let me scroll past it. It gives another kind of satisfaction of peace and calmness, I really don’t know how to express it well. This picture speaks to me about thousands life. The mountains near and far. The lake reflecting all that…

Help me Please 

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing great. And even if not, don’t worry everything will be fine soon. Keep fighting and you will conquer it all.  I need a favor from you all. Please can you help me selecting the 3 best free verse poems I wrote so far. I want to use…

Story in pictures-1

Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (India)  Story behind this picture –  My not so sweet little brother is playing with the sand and water.  My handsome father is trying to absorb all the serenity he can in limited time.  Scroll to see what I was trying to do. Though I epically failed.  And my lovely mother as…


Location : Nainital, Uttarakhand (India)  It’s okay,  Clouds aren’t gonna be there for ever.  Sometimes, these clouds seem to be prettier than a sunny day.  Better if we love both.  More travel posts coming soon. 🙂 

Ego v. Self respect 

Don’t let anyone’s ego ever be greater than your self respect.  No matter how much you love a person, always keep this in your head. If we let the gaurd down of our self respect so that the other one could enjoy his or her ego, this really puts your through a mental stress. We…

Smile please

Hello fellas! How are you all doing?  Well,  I recently learned a very important lesson. I have this weird of problem of thinking too much ( there are lot of like us, trust me.) Since a long time I wanted to do something very badly. But I couldn’t. (Please don’t laugh after reading the reason….

Not on a cliff. 

Trust me. Am a coward. Push me. At least. If you can’t pull me back. 

Faded away 

Sometimes I wonder  Was that bonding and those years were all fake?  You don’t even like remember me or miss me?  It didn’t mean anything?  Nothing? Seriously?  My heart clinches and sinks when after a moment I realise that this all might be true. 


Mute the chaos.  Aim.  Shoot. 

Miss You 

No doubt, I miss you. But how am I to accept the fact that you blamed me for your failure even when I did everything in my capacity to help you, sitting miles away. How is it my fault that you forgot – I can just help you and not do your work for you….