Let us first explore ourselves, then the world. 

Most of us love to solve the puzzles. After solving each puzzle we feel so relieved and proud.  So let us first solve the world’s most beautiful , unique and yes the even most important of all puzzles -“US” . You will know what a wonderful feeling it is to solve the mystery of yourself. 

“Who in the world am I ? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
                      ~ Lewis Carroll 

Let us start loving ourselves. It is our experiences , that shape us into the people we are today , this doesn’t mean that we necessarily know who we really are – what we are passionate about and what we want from life.  

Everyone is unique. Each person is different from the other. This is because life teaches every person a different lesson and we grow accordingly. 

Be yourself ; everyone is already taken.”

No one is at the mercy of life. Everyone has to face all the hurdles life throws in front of them. Instead of being miserable , grow and learn out of those problems.  After every new hurdle , you’ll find a new piece of yours.  And with these pieces you can easily solve your puzzle.  
When we are stricken and can not bear our lives any longer , then a tree has something to say : Be still ! Be still ! Look at me ! Life is not easy , life is not difficult. Home is within you , or home is nowhere at all. 

At times we do things , not because who we are , but for we want to fit in. And somewhere in the race of fitting in , we forget what we actually are. We lose that unique factor of ours.                                         Then at a later stage when you are tired of all the hardships , trying to fit in and faking yourself … you’ll ask yourself – Who am I ? Is this real me ? Is this what I wanted from me ?                                         You will be a question mark for yourself. 

Have the guts to say and accept – yes , I am different. It’s fine if people do not understand me.  I will be in my lane. 
” My journey to discover my identity is ongoing. Being so sensitive , I know I am often influenced by other people’s goals and desires , so I consciously make an effort to find out what it is I really want by taking the time to listen to myself.”


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  1. Wise Sparks says:

    So inspirational! Love it!

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