Life and Ocean

Your reflection can be seen with ease in the stillness of your oceanic eyes 

Your calmness is the answer of the depthness in you 

Somewhere behind this stillness and depthness ,                                                           Emotions have drowned in the oceanic depth of you. 

Take a peek inside you                                      You’ll know what have you lost. 

Don’t you worry , when a wave rises         It has to settle down                                         No matter how challenging it is. 

Don’t you be afraid of tides                            If they increase the level of your troubles, don’t forget opposite also happens. 

When something moves inside you ,            Be calm                                                                 Things are positioning themselves for you. 

Don’t you overlook the good changes in the darkness of the calamities it brings along. 

Ocean and Sand happens to be together forever …


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  1. Manish Mittal says:

    Very good…

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