Self help 

It is a well known proverb that God will help you only when you will help yourself.  Okay let me clarify , am not at all a firm believer of God. 

Why would anyone help you , if you have already accepted your betrayal. And then what’s the use of cursing some other person or God for the failure.

 To get help, the first thing you have to do is help yourself.

To give you a simple example -A classmate or a teacher may provide you with easy notes or excellent books. But if you do not help yourself by studying them properly , then the help you got , would not be of any use. 

Now some may come up with a defence that the example given above is a very basic one.  There are incidences in life where you have to rely on other people for the help and there is nothing you can do to help yourself.  

I say , my friend , there’s is no one on Earth other then yourself  who can be more Trustworthy and Honest towards you. So if you can not be of any help for yourself … tell me what good will others’ help do to you ? Trust me,  there is always an other way around.  Yes , I agree the way might be full of hurdles , pitholes and puddles. But there is a way. Nothing else is more important. 

Be the help you want. 


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  1. Manish Mittal says:

    True dear… even god helps only who help himself…

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