” Enough “

Ever thought what amount or quantity of anything can be enough for ones’ need ? 

I wonder …  People say “Words aren’t enough to express .”   I ask “What is enough?”   Can emotions or feelings ever be sufficient  for anybody ? Forget about emotions. Who cares about it anyway. Explanation again can never be enough. An explanation always leads to an argument and then to a fight. Ultimately the things get only worse. 

Should I even raise the question of love? Alas ! It’s just a big joke nowadays. Friendship, Relationship, Loyalty, Trust, Time … nothing can never be enough for anyone. Most of the people misunderstand the meaning of priority. Priority means what is actually more important at a particular point of time. It doesn’t mean that just because you are someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend, you are ought to be the most important thing in your partners’ life each and every time. Grow up people.  Create understanding.

Not to mention beauty. Something is always more beautiful. The definition of beauty is different for everyone.  Thus , one can never be satisfied with beauty. 

Money and wealth is surely never enough . It can never be , due to our insatiable desires. As one of our want is fulfilled , soon the other comes up. As a result,  wealth will always fall short due to our unscrupulous nature. 

Can we be content with our lives enough ,    So that everything is enough? 


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