Trust ? May be , May be not. 

This blog happens to be more of a conversation between me and a friend of mine. We guys usually talk our hearts out.

One night he asked me – ” Why does it always happens that whenever you start trusting someone … something such happens that you can’t do it anymore? “

Trying to be a philosopher and from my experiences I answered ” It’s life.  Life will keep on teaching you a lesson unless you do not understand it well enough. You are not supposed to trust anyone out there. ” *P.S – I have great trust issues.*

What kind of lesson is that ? It’s life only who makes you meet new people and then you say you shouldn’t trust them ? Why not to be a monk then ? 

My this particular friend is quite a socialite. Moreover , he doesn’t even accept others point at ease.  Thus, it wasn’t an easy task to make him understand. Still trying my best I told him ” You are supposed to meet new people at every stage of your life. But you can’t trust them all. Each person who comes in your path is just to teach you something new. You don’t have to trust them … just learn what they have got and move ahead. You have to make a balance in your life. I know this is not a cakewalk. But once you get this ,life will be much more easier. ”

Where do you reach in the end ?

This is the problem of our generation. We want to know the result even before trying. 

Though I guess that will be a stage where you’ll be no longer affected by people’s crap.  You will be satisfied with yourself and you would also know what it is that really matters in the end. One can be happy by himself. 

Oh really??? Then why the hell every successful man does everything for his family ? 

I must admit this is really a very nice question. 

Not diverting from my point, for me that’s another segment of life. What I feel is ,our life isn’t whole. It has quite many segments.  

How come ? You just said stop giving shit to everyone except yourself ?  

Is it too difficult to understand or it is me who is wrong ? 

The explanations given by me were just for this particular point of time. The priorities and requirements change at every stage. We have to focus on the what is required at present not in future. 

Life is too vast to be explained in these very few words.  What I tried to express is just a crux.  Philosophy is something , everyone has their own way. You are not meant to be understood by all. 

* Am not completely against trusting people. But looking at the present scenario , people of our age shouldn’t trust anyone easily . After all keeping some distance is always good.*


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