Nature of Extremes 

​The calmness and flexibility of water is well appreciated. When the same water is in its extreme flow and nature , it becomes no less than a monster. 

Who doesn’t love the feel of soothing breeze brushing their cheeks. Though the same wind can in its extreme state take everything along with it.  

Kids are given the example of Mountains for how strongly and firmly they stand in all the conditions.  The same rigidity of mountains results in self destruction. 

The warmth of the bone fire is well enjoyed by us in the chilling weather. This fire can also blacken everything when is in extreme state.  

Thus , even Nature can’t work in extremes. There has to be a proper balance. This is what we have to learn foremost from the mother nature.  

Everything in a certain limit is loved and appreciated. When they become in excess, they lose their significance and value. 


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    1. agradhika96 says:

      Thank you. Am glad you liked it.

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