Is it worth regretting ?


Regret is a very strong emotion. At the same time it can destroy a person mentally as well as physically. Many times in the never-ending race of life we get so caught up that we do not realize what it is that really matters in the main picture of the life. We move so fast that we end up saying ” wish I hadn’t done that”, for such little things that do not even matter. The feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment is what makes us regret the most.

I would like to raise a simple yet thoughtful question – Does regretting helps in any manner ? Okay, I get it you regret only when you realize some thing has went wrong on your part. But what has already been done, can be changed ? Is there anything one can do to rectify one’s mistakes ? If yes, go ahead and do it. What are you waiting for ? To get it worse?

Now if the answer is no, what’s the whole point of sulking ? If nothing can be done  to overwrite it, instead of regretting let us have another attitude towards it. We are humans, and we will commit errors no matter how careful we are. That’s completely fine and we need to get this fact clear in all our heads. All we have to do is accept that okay I got it wrong. Take it as a lesson , an experience. There is still time to pick yourself up, forgive yourself, make up a grade or better your future self. Use your mistakes as a tool for future improvisations rather than regretting and sulking, which will ultimately help you digging a larger well.

The only way you can move ahead and prosper is by not holding on to the past incidents. The purpose of the life itself is to survive, learn,and experience, and making mistakes. Own your mistakes and utilize them to construct the higher floors of the building of your life.

I wouldn’t mind confessing that even I used to regret over such shitty stuff, if I were to tell you, all of you will end up laughing so hard. I am glad that I could overcome this stupidest weakness of mine. I can proudly and confidently claim ” I do not regret my actions or  decisions. I have guts to say , it’s okay. It has already happened and now I can’t do anything. I’ll try not to repeat it.”


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  2. rrr799 says:

    Regretting it not so good may be!

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