Miss You 

No doubt, I miss you. But how am I to accept the fact that you blamed me for your failure even when I did everything in my capacity to help you, sitting miles away. How is it my fault that you forgot – I can just help you and not do your work for you.

I did make the task easiest for you to do in every manner. You did not want to put even a little effort. And I am the one who is blamed! It was your task to do, you failed, but I am at fault.

Why can’t I find any logic in this ? I long to talk to you… but not at the cost of my self respect and dignity. I have always apologized and made peace no matter who messed it up. But this time it’s not happening. You do not even realize what you have done to me and to yourself too.

I tried hard and lost in trying to burst your thick bubble you live in. And now am gonna sit in dark and let you live your life in that bubble with your own delusion. I am out of all the matchsticks/ flashsticks I had.

Still I wish the sunlight finds your way and can show you the path.

I haven’t lost anything, nor did you. I don’t need any apology. Just come forward and own it. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you so much! I little piece of motivation and consolidation always help. 🙂


  2. Srijan says:

    Heyy, everything will be alright. I am sure you’re a v sweet girl w a v big heart. So. Dw. Everything will into it’s right place and you’d be v happy again.

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