Eyes searched  In that empty room Blank walls staring back  She was ready  To be a murderer  To kill the loneliness  Instead,  Loneliness became murderer. 


If only did I know  how to dive  Would have been the first  To reach  to the depthness of your  oceanic emotions  To find a Pearl of love.  But Alas! 

Stars the Saviors

May the sun in your life always keep shining.  Don’t be afraid if the moon isn’t visible,  It’s just taking a round on the other side.  Whatever the scene be,  The stars always shine down. 

Lost ?

Don’t worry baby, Close your eyes Nothing is lost. You’ll find What you are looking for You are not lost. Just remove the crap from within. There you are You found it.

Hard Times

The pressure was increasing. Thee wanted to erupt But to be a volcano, Was not the trait of thy.


I wonder Is there anything am good at ? “NO  !” Brain shouted. “Who are you to decide ?” The little heart puts up the defense. “I am the commander. ” “Isn’t she good at keeping people away ?” “LOL ! Of course she is, if you consider it to be a good thing !”…

You or them ?

via Daily Prompt: Center Everyone wants to be the center of attraction in society but fails to do the same in their own life. What an irony ! It is not a new thing that we all somehow desire to be the center of attraction at various place, gatherings, etc. We want everyone to take…

Soil or Water ?

We are like soil and water, Where I be the soil, who values the water the most. And you’re water, who isn’t affected by the absence of the soil.  

Survive vs Live

I could definitely survive without you, But I chose to live.

The open secrets

I might not have told you How good it feels to be with you Though that excitement on my face was enough expressive. You might not be told I feel so incomplete without you But the I always roam around you would have made it obvious. I will never say how much I care for…

Mirror Mirror !

Oh, lief mirror ! Wherefore doth thee maketh me so perilous, Watching myself so scotched. Mirror mirror! wherefore maketh me so fell, That reflection of the devil in me thee showeth. Oh mirror mirror ! For whom doth thee reveal all the enshielf pain, At which hour tis only me who can feeleth . Mirror…

Is it worth regretting ?

  Regret is a very strong emotion. At the same time it can destroy a person mentally as well as physically. Many times in the never-ending race of life we get so caught up that we do not realize what it is that really matters in the main picture of the life. We move so…